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Choosing a specific technology is not a decision for a moment, but a step that will define your future career for a long time. So it is worth answering a very basic question - why ServiceNow?

Why ServiceNow at SPOC?

100 ServiceNow experts

You will meet lots of people eager to share their know-how.

Competency Matrix

We operate on a clear path of development. You'll always know exactly what it takes to get promoted.

B2B contract or employment contract?

Work on the basis of the contract that suits you best.

Projects that make sense

ServiceNow is gaining more and more cloud market in the world every year. At SPOC, we also operate in such future-oriented areas as AI or Virtual Reality. And if you prefer integrations or designing architecture, you will also find something for yourself.


For each role, you'll find certifications that will push your career forward, e.g. ITIL Foundations, AgilePM, Professional Scrum Product Owner, ISTQB Foundations or plenty of ServiceNow certs like CIS, CSA, CAD and many more. 

Work from home or office

Do you enjoy working from home? Or maybe you prefer to use one of our offices in Poznań, Wrocław, Toruń or Luxembourg? Anyway, you can work as you like.

Do you hesitate to choose ServiceNow? We lay it on the line.

Is entering the world of ServiceNow a choice for years?

Do you get shivers when you hear about stabilization? Anyway it would be a pity if you had to learn new technology in a moment, wouldn't it? Therefore, check what development opportunities ServiceNow will give you.

Successful cooperation with clients. Does it really exist?

Spinning in circles and clouds on a horizon largely depend on how the cooperation with clients goes. Find out what elements our relations push our work forward.

Projects that bring results quickly? Yes, we know it.

Do you like working on projects that never end? Sure not! Discover examples of solutions that quickly reached clients. And with the WOW effect.

In which areas will you operate in SPOC?

If you consider decision about entering a specific technology, it would be good to know what areas you will work in, right?

"Amazing career development opportunities". What exactly?

Today, in every job offer, the development is guaranteed for your career. But still, it would be good to be clear, what exactly you can count on.

"Unique" atmosphere. So what?

Every company has a unique atmosphere, right? We too. But what exactly do we mean? Agnieszka, who is responsible for every event at SPOC, will explain it to you.

Job offers

AI ServiceNow Consultant
  • Wrocław, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Customer Success Manager
  • Poznań, Wielkopolskie, Poland
IRM / GRC ServiceNow Technical Consultant
  • Cała Polska, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Senior Account Executive DACH (ServiceNow)
  • Germany; Austria; Switzerland, Wielkopolskie, Poland
ServiceNow Developer
  • Cała Polska, Wielkopolskie, Poland
ServiceNow Developer (Freelance)
  • Cała Polska, Wielkopolskie, Poland

"Secrets" of our recruitment process

Phone call

We want to get to know you better, so prepare a few words about yourself, your interests or projects that you've worked in. However, remember to be yourself, we cooperate well with people who do not pretend to be someone they are not. Part of the conversation will be held in English, because we use it on a daily basis to contact our clients.

Technical verification

In the case of technical positions, you will be given a practical task to complete. We value not only the knowledge itself, but also your way of thinking and solving problems. For junior positions, we focus primarily on your knowledge of Javascript, while if you have experience in ServiceNow, we want to know your competences in various areas of the platform.

Interview with Team Leader

At this stage, you will have the opportunity to meet your future supervisor. We will ask you some additional questions and practice tasks to get to know your skill level even better. We will also talk in more detail about your expectations and tell you what opportunities await you at SPOC.


We realize that waiting can be frustrating, so we will get back to you with the decision as soon as possible, and if we need a little more time, we will definitely let you know. However, regardless of the decision, we return to each candidate with extended feedback so that the reasons for our decision are always known.

Recruitment clear as day

Some keep secrets about the recruitment process. But not us! Listen to Sylwia and find out what kind of stages you can expect.

Our clients